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Magdan is a world leader in the availability and access to roofing, window, siding, gutter and door varieties. The company has been established with the modern home maker and his/her personal demands for roofing options in mind. The company is completely dedicated to offering you varied roofing solutions under one roof. The House of Magdan is replete with the latest trends in roofing that come to you after much analysis and market evaluation. The options in roofing, window, siding, gutter and doors are customized to meet the demands of the modern home. Magdan is your real value investment in roofing for now…forever!

Taking the trends from around the globe, the company now makes available the best in asphalt shingles, wood shingles, slate, and the all-weather classic metal roofing. All the roofing options available with Magdan are among the least expensive and available in a range of colors – solid or blended with 3-D effect. The roofing options offered come with a good guarantee and the principle advantage of remaining a valued add-on to the home. You could view architectural shingles, Cedar wood shingles, beefy slate roof structures, and even galvanized, corrugated metal roofing at the Magdan site. Today these roofing options are viewed atop of the finest homes in the world.

Magdan offers you a whole range of windows options for the modern home. You get to choose from easement window that are made accessible in a wide range of sizes and customizable shapes. All the window options at Magdan are versatile in appeal and design, created to flaunt top-hung and side-hung and the fixed look, easy-clean hinges and cost effective in billing. You can now chose from a whole range of vertical sliding sash windows, windows with slim timber sections, bottom-hung windows, tilt-and-turn type, bow windows, bay windows, leaded-light windows and other scaled units. They are all designed to offer high-performance, good insulation, draught-proof replacement and finesse from professional installation.

The House of Magdan offers you the best in siding. The company offers you a whole range of vinyl, aluminum and wood siding options. The variety available is hyped for the wide range of colors, styles, durability, easy maintenance, and customizable features. Magdan offers ongoing support as far as cleaning goes to ensure that the investment in siding does not get sidelined with regards to weather and climate conditions. The in house team helps you to investigate the availability for the more traditional look or the contemporary look – according to your preferred style. Siding for your home from Magdan is a real value investment.

Guttering options can e a challenge to shop for. However, at Magdan the endeavor is made a pleasurable experience with the site functioning as a one-stop shop solution, you can access the latest trends in cast-iron guttering, bitumastic paint options, guttering with corrosion-proof mastic sealant and pvc varieties. Magdan is your shopping avenue for guttering composites like polyester resin, mastic-jointing compounds, supports for plastic gutters and pipes, and gutter guards. The company offers you ongoing maintenance support, witch makes the functionality of the gutters an everlasting feature of the investment. Gutter options from Magdan are replete with durability and cost effectiveness.

Door option from Magdan are designed and engineered to ensure that the residential property is offered privacy, protection against the elements and intruders, natural flow of light and air into the home and complete aesthetic appeal. The company now offers you door varieties that are reputed for the most hardly handles and latching mechanisms. You can shop for sliding, recessed and folding interior and exterior doors at Magdan. There are doors specially designed for the closet, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining, sunroom, patio, porch screen, and garage. Door variants from Magdan offer the home innovations with expand functions to add to the homes curb appeal.